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Royalty and the Establishment
Heritage & Culture
Royalty & The Establishment Countryside, Sports & Activities
Something Completely Different

Royalty and the Establishment

The Royal Family represent the Sovereign Head and pinnacle of the Establishment of our Country. Each year there are many examples of Royal Pageantry so ably performed by the Military Armed Forces. Andrew himself is regularly on duty as a Gentleman at Arms at the State Opening of Parliament at the Palace of Westminster.
The Governance of England, Scotland and Wales is controlled by the Parliaments and Assemblies, whilst the Law Courts and the Judiciary preserve our law and order. Education is well applied by the many Schools, Colleges & Universities, some having been founded over six centuries ago.

We will arrange personalised and informative visits to many of these historic buildings and places, including:

  • Royal Palaces, Castles & Residences
  • Military Events (Royal Navy, Army & RAF)
  • Law Courts, the Temples & Inns of Courts
  • City of London, Livery Companies & Markets
  • Lord Mayor of London, Mansion House & Guildhall
  • Parliament & Assemblies of England, Scotland & Wales
  • The Principal Cathedrals of Canterbury and York & Westminster Abbey.
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Heritage & Culture

All around Great Britain are thousands of examples of the rich tapestry and history of our Country. Castles, Houses, Gardens and Churches of all ages, designs and beauty nestle in our varied and rolling countryside. Our daily life is further enriched by the many exhibitions of culture, art and music.

  • Stately & Historic Castles, Houses & Gardens
  • Cathedrals, Abbeys & Churches
  • Theatres, Operas & Concerts
  • Museums & Galleries
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Countryside, Sports & Activities

Great Britain prides itself in being the founding home of cricket, rugby, snooker (my great grandfather, Colonel Sir Neville Chamberlain “invented” the game in India in 1875), golf, horse racing, rowing, tennis and polo. Although perhaps we may not necessarily be the Champions of the World, why not come and absorb the atmosphere of some of these and other great sporting and social events. Our sensational countryside also boasts splendid and magnificent opportunities to become involved in some of our country sports and pursuits.

  • Game Shooting, Fishing & Country Sports
  • Horse Racing, Owning your own Horse
          or - Sponsoring a Horse Race
  • Cricket, Rowing, Golf and Tennis
  • Summer Sporting Events
  • Football and Rugby
  • Deer Stalking in Scotland
  • Clay pigeon shooting & Quad Biking
  • Polo & Equestrian activities & Riding to Hounds
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Something Completely Different

The list of things to do and see in Great Britain is limitless, and, as a flavour, here are a few of them. We can happily incorporate any suggestions and ideas of your own. The more the merrier, and nothing is more enjoyable than a good challenge!

Why not come and Enjoy Britain and do your own thing?

  • Hosting your own House Party for friends at a Private House
  • Walking & Enjoying the quiet escapism of the Countryside
  • Whisky Distilleries and Fresh Seafood
  • Helicopter and Aeroplane Flights
  • Driving Vintage Motor Cars
  • Clan Tartans & Tweeds
  • River Cruise of London
  • Masonic Temples & Masonry
  • Serious Shopping & Restaurants
  • Dancing Scottish Reels & Bagpiping
  • Pub Crawl and perhaps some Fish n’ Chips
  • Painting & Photography of Sensational Scenery
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Royalty & The Establishment
Heritage and culture
Heritage and culture
Sports & Activities
Something Different

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