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EQUERRY’D TRAVELLERS, the brainchild of Andrew Wigram, will organise a bespoke holiday for you anywhere in Great Britain. To ensure exclusivity, your small party (maximum of six people) will stay at the best hotels and private houses and visit the most interesting and carefully selected places. Whether you wish to research your British family roots and former ancestral homes or just explore Great Britain at its very best, Equerry’d Travellers’ duty is to discuss and plan your visit with you and arrange a personalised tour which is friendly, more civilised and superior to those organised through any other travel source. .

You may wish to select one of our four exclusive pre-planned trips or incorporate your own travel ideas

Andrew Wigram will personally meet you anywhere within Great Britain and drive you to the first chosen hotel or private house.  We consider that it is important for you to remain at all of your residences for at least two to three nights, so you will feel 'at home' and enjoy everything that there is to offer. 

Each morning and afternoon, the programme will usually consist of two excursions or activities of your choosing, complemented with lunch. The visits will all be relatively close by, not requiring an early start or too long a journey. 

Evenings will be spent relaxing and dining or being entertained to dinner at private houses.  Moving between hotels or houses will be fully coordinated by Equerry’d Travellers and, at the end of your holiday, Andrew will take you to your point of departure.

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