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Ancestral Research

Since the 17th Century, over 20 million Britons have emigrated to North America and the countries of the former British Empire and Colonies. Over 25 million people around the world now claim Scottish Ancestry.

If you are descended from a British family and wish to continue your Ancestral Research whilst you are over here, we will be delighted to assist you extending your enquiries during your Equerry’d Travellers holiday.

Whilst travelling around Great Britain we can explore your ancestors’ former family homes, schools, universities, places of work, and the churches where they were christened, married and buried. Visits to Parish Registers, Record Offices, Military Museums, Libraries, and meetings with Archivists and Historians can be included, as these may help you discover further genealogical information. Locating surviving family relations may also be possible.

A trip to the College of Arms in London is a truly fascinating experience, where one of the Heralds can grant you the privilege of seeing many ancient historical records and Coats of Arms, including perhaps those of your own family. If you have ancestral proof, then the granting of your own Coat of Arms may be investigated by the Herald.

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